Opti-Soft is a Russian IT-company, established at Petrozavodsk State University. The staff includes over 80 qualified specialists with extensive experience in IT as well as in forestry, timber and pulp-and-paper industries
The company has developed a line of software systems for optimal planning that consistently covers the main production processes of a forestry enterprise from forest management and logging to shipment of finished goods:

Opti-Wood – for logging enterprises,
Opti-Supply – for wood supply departments,
Opti-Sawmill – for sawmills and woodworking mills,
Opti-Plywood – for plywood production,
Opti-Paper – for paper and cardboard production,
Opti-Storage – service for warehouse optimization,
Opti-Loading – for optimizing the finished goods shipment,
Opti-Corrugated – for corrugated packaging production

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MES system Opti-Paper was implemented at Archbum Tissue Group in Kaluga
The first stage of implementation of the MES system for optimization of paper/cardboard production at the new enterprise of “Archbum Tissue Group” LLC in the Kaluga Region is completed. The new plant was built for paper and tissue production (toilet paper, napkin, paper towels). The modules of output production control and quality management were implemented at the first stage of project.
Pre-project survey of LLC Enterprom
An agreement was signed to conduct a pre-project survey of production processes at the LLC Enterprom (Cherepovets, Vologda region). The small factory "Enterprom" produces corrugated cardboard boxes in Vologda region.
Using of «Opti-Loading» at JSC Technonikol Building Systems
An agreement has been concluded for installing the Opti-Loading planning system at JSC Technonikol Building Systems. The cloud program service “Opti-Loading” will enable automatic solution of a complex of tasks related to the choice of vehicles and loading construction materials.
Pre-project survey of OOO TD Bryansk cardboard
An agreement was signed to conduct a pre-project survey of production processes at the OOO Kuban Cardboard plant (Kroponkin, Krasnodarsky Krai). The survey will be hold to upgrade of current vertion of Opti-Corrugated system.
Upgrade of Opti-Corrugated on Kyiv Cardboard and paper mill
Upgrade of planning and control system Opti-Corrugated of Kyiv Cardboard and paper mill is finnished. The new vertion of Opti-Corrugated is launched. Now Opti-Corrugated has full connect to Microsoft DAX ERP system, BHS corrugators, convertion mashines and transportation mashines. There ara more than 100 users registed in Opti-Corrugeted. The system works 24 hours per day and allows to make full plan and corruteted box making plant managenent in real time.
Opti-Corrugated на JSC "Primorsky cardboard plant"
An agreement has been concluded for installing the Opti-Corrugated production planning system at JSC Primorsky cardboard plant. The new factory was builded and started on autumn of 2019. The enterprise produses corrugeted cardboard box in Primorsky Krai.
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implemented projects for Russian and foreign companies
Since 2002, we have implemented more than 250 projects for enterprises and companies of Russia and foreign countries. Among our Customers are large and medium-sized enterprises of the forestry and pulp-and-paper industries, as well as foreign corporations ValmetMetso, and Outotec  - world leaders in equipment and technologies for pulp-and-paper, mining, oil-and-gas, and other enterprises:
  • Valmet Automation
  • Metso
  • Outotec
  • Siemens AG
  • Ilim Nordic Timber GmbH&Co KG
  • Kagazy Recycling
  • Kiev paper-and-board mill
  • Arkhangelsk pulp-and-paper mill
  • Bolotnin corrugated board mill
  • Ilim Group
  • Ilim Timber
  • Karjala Pulp (prior АО "Kondopoga")
  • Migan pack
  • Mondi SLPK
  • Pavlovo-Posad corrugated packaging mill
  • Segezha Group
  • SouthUralCarton
  • Vologodskiye lesopromyshlenniki
  • and many others
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