a modern decision-support system (DSS) for efficient planning of logging and wood transport operations, construction and maintenance of forest roads

Opti-Wood is designed for use at wood harvesting enterprises as a production optimization tool for planning, management and control. Opti-Wood is not an accounting system, but integrates with accounting systems of the Customer.

When finding solutions, the system takes into account their impact on the entire production chain from selecting local harvest sites and road construction to the supply of wood to consumers.

System functions

Opti-Wood uses unique mathematical models and algorithms to effectively address the following main tasks:

  • select the local harvesting sites  for harvesting, taking into account economic efficiency, regulatory requirements, seasonality, and other factors
  • assign selected harvesting sites to harvest machinery teams
  • calculate the number of required vehicles for transporting the timber for each month and optimal routes of their runs
  • calculate logging, transporting and road construction costs
  • plan the road network construction with minimum costs per m3 of harvested wood
  • calculate the volumes and structure of deliveries to ensure the balance of the consumer needs and production capacities
  • assess the parameters of interaction with contractors and customers


Improved reliability and efficiency of the information received
Improved efficiency of using enterprise financial resources
Increased profitability due to taking into account market needs, and identifying additional sales opportunities, e.g. with higher marginality
Reduced time for managerial decision-making by increasing the "transparency" of supply chains and the speed of obtaining relevant information
Reduced total costs, warehouse stock volumes, and number of required vehicles due to complex accounting of all factors throughout the whole supply chain


  • The System uses Customer accounting systems, which eliminates duplication of information
  • Intuitive interface and complete adaptation for Customer processes allow starting the practical use of the System very quickly
  • Support of multi-user mode with various functions and access rights

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  • Zapkarelles JSC (Suojarvi, Karelia Republic) with annual allowable cut 700 thousand m3 - complex project ongoing 

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