System for warehouse and shipments management for forestry enterprises (pulp-and-paper, woodworking and plywood mills)

The system optimizes the logistics at the finished goods warehouse of forestry enterprises paper rolls, lumber and plywood packages.
The system is designed for address keeping of sawn timber packages, and controlling forklift trucks operation when moving, placing and shipping sawn timber packages at warehouses of pulp-and-paper, sawmills, and woodworking mills.
At woodworking mills Opti-Storage works at all main production stages: delivery of sawntimbers from green sorting lines, operation of equipment at the drying complex, placement of packages with finished goods to warehouses, and shipment of finished goods.

System functions

Opti-Storage uses unique algorithms to plan goods placement in the warehouse and their shipment, including:

  • Placement of finished goods in the warehouse taking into account production and shipment schedules
  • Scheduling goods shipment to minimize time for pick-and-place operations
  • Optimization of warehouse space for uniform storage of finished goods, and saving free space
  • Taking into account all features of finished goods (dimensions, weight, fragility, etc.)
  • Analytic reports on the work of warehouse equipment and personnel


Optimization of warehouse space, reduction of overstocking
Reduction of unproductive operations (e.g., related to unnecessary relocation of pallets, rolls)
Increased staff productivity and efficiency of equipment used in servicing the warehouse and shipping
Reliability of information on the status of warehouses, minimization of human factor errors
Transparency of finished goods placement and identification, "online" inventorying without interfering the warehouse operation
Decreased volume of finished goods rejected due to long storage and excessive movement
  • The System uses Customer accounting systems, which eliminates duplication of information
  • Can be used as a standalone product (also via Web interface), or as a plug-in to an existing accounting or MES-system

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Customer feedback

Dubov Sergey Anatolyevich,
Director for IT of JSC "Arkhangelsk pulp-and-paper mill"
The service has been used by our mill since 2014. Almost any operation in the warehouse complex involves using the service. Opti-Soft has proven itself as a qualified and reliable partner. All suggestions for improvement were taken into account and implemented. The joint work continues up to present.


  • JSC "Arkhangelsk pulp-and-paper mill"
  • Podolsk branch of JSC "Arkhbum"
  • Istra branch of JSC "Arkhbum"
  • PJSC "Kiev Cardboard and Paper Mill"
  • Arkhbum Tissue Group Kaluga
  • Voronezh branch of Arkhbum JSC

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